LGBT Asylum


All payments are submitted on Contar’s website udlæ, the receip or invoice is submitted as a pdf, jpg or jpeg file.

It is important that you choose the correct “purpose” and “cost type”, as it determines who gets the payment for approval. If you choose the wrong purpose, the person responsible for that purpose will reject the payment.


Once the payout request has been submitted, Contar will send the document for approval to the person in charge of the department. After the payment has been approved, Contar will submit the payments for approval in online banking within a week.


Some notes about documentation:

When buying goods/services online you must attach the invoice/receipt that you normally will receive when the goods have been shipped. The confirmation that you receive when ordering, cannot be used as documentation.

The Danish tax attorneys have set some requirements for an invoice:

An invoice must state:

  • Sequential invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Name and address of seller and his/her CVR (business reg. no.) or VAT no.
  • Name and address of the customer (LGBT Asylum)
  • Type of goods/services, quantity and price
  • Date of delivery (if different from invoice date)
  • VAT basis, price per unit exclusive of VAT, possible discounts, bonuses and rebates if they are not included in the unit price.
  • Current VAT rate
  • VAT amount